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Vision statement:

We will change the way customers approach and think about fashion. Bringing back customer loyalty, moving past “the attention economy”, creating diverse fashion for diverse societies, improving local community relations and cohesion through our fusion styles:

The Isaro brand will be associated with products which are; high quality, handmade, trend led, fusion styles.

We will offer a unique personalised, service led, shopping experience, where our customers can interact and collaborate with our designers, getting involved in the design making decisions, letting the customers feel a sense of ownership of the design, and allowing the designers to understand their customers, resulting in a unique, personalised, product. This will transform online shopping experience for all our customers. As a result, the customer will identify themselves within the product, and value the experience they had in creating it, improving brand loyalty and repeat business.

We will be a community focused company that promotes a sustainable, dynamic and inclusive culture to engage local people and care for our environment. We will put people at the heart of everything we do, bringing communities together through fashion and design

We will be known as a specialist provider of British made products, produced by British talent for the British market.

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